Jared Devloo

About Jared Devloo

Jared Devloo Cryptocurrency Expert

Jared Devloo is a cryptocurrency expert based out of Calgary, Alberta in Canada.

From an early age, Jared was fascinated by digital technology. In high school, he displayed a preternatural knowledge of computer programming, something that did not go unnoticed by the school’s department head of Computer Studies, who, sensing great talent, took Jared under his wing and taught him many advanced programming techniques outside the approved curriculum. On the strength of a glowing recommendation letter from that same teacher, Jared was accepted by a prestigious post-secondary institution to study Computer Science.

After graduating from university, Jared Devloo entered the professional world, first as an entry-level computer coder for a well-known software firm, but later shifting his concentration to cyber security in the early years of the new millennium. 

In the mid 2000s, he began investigating what was then the brand new technologies of cryptocurrency and blockchain. The more Jared learned about these cutting-edge digital techs, the more he became intrigued and enamored by them. In 2007, he took a great risk and invested his life savings in these burgeoning technologies and shifted his focus full-time to aid in their development.

Ever since then, Jared Devloo has been a heavy investor in cryptocurrency, as well as an advocate for it as an alternative to traditional currencies—even before the inception and launch of Bitcoin. For more than a decade, Jared has worked on developing other digital currencies, and conducted digital transactions through online gaming and gambling, operating on the cutting edge of the crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi) industries. Now independently wealthy from his efforts, Jared Devloo continues to display a knack for discovering undervalued assets within the digital space.